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Amino Tech is a blend of superior peptide-bonded amino acids derived from the highest quality pharmaceutical grade WPH, WPC, pure egg white protein, and superior isolated protein. Amino Tech is further enhanced with amino optimizing factors, growth agents and important vitamins.

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Product Description

Amino Tech¬†from Universal is the world’s first scientifically- engineered, comprehensive amino acid growth formula. With its revolutionary, high-tech anabolic nutrient complex, Amino Tech is specifically designed for bodybuilders and other strength athletes who are pushing their bodies to the limit. When you are training to develop a stronger body, it is essential to fuel your muscles at the cellular level. Amino Tech’s sustained-release technology provides the necessary anabolic and metabolic optimization your body requires. Amino Tech’s superior peptide-bonded amino acids are derived from the highest quality lactalbumin, pure egg white protein and superior isolated soy protein (the highest biological-value protein sources).

  • Comprehensive AA Profile
  • Fuels Muscle Tissue
  • Sustained-Release Technology
  • Vitamins & Minerals
  • Growth & Performance Potentiators
  • Rich in BCAA’s

For best results, take 6 tablets 1 hour prior to your workout and 6 tablets immediately after your workout (for a total of 12 tablets daily).

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375 tabs