Ultra mass 4500


Universal Ultra Mass 4500 provides you with only high quality calories that help you build muscle mass that is toned and strong. You also need fibre and complex carbohydrates to gain instant energy during your workouts. Universal Ultra Mass 4500 has medium chain triglycerides or MCTs which are essential fats, that help you to uphold lean body mass.

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You want to get big and stay that way. You are tired of products that leave you with empty promises of muscle mass enhancement. Empty promises and empty calories. Two things you don’t need more of. You need quality calories, you need a weight gainer with all the right components to grow. Ultra Mass 4500™ is that weight gainer you have been searching for. It packs 90 grams of protein per serving to fuel your muscles. You also want good carbs, with less sugar, to energize your workouts. You want good, efficient fats like MCTs that are burned quickly and used to fuel your training. If you are looking for a complete weight gainer that will keep you lean while you add muscle mass, check out Ultra Mass 4500™.

DOSAGE: Mix 3 cups of Ultra Mass 4500™ with 3 1/2 cups of cold whole milk. To increase your intake to 4500 calories, mix 6 cups of Ultra Mass 4500™ with 7 cups of cold whole milk. Add powder after the milk is already in the shaker or cup. Use Ultra Mass 4500™ accordingly depending on your specific caloric needs.

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